【sf-0823】 Google DeepMind, branding, 2023

Google DeepMind and MultiAdaptor reached out to us to collaborate on the ambitious endeavour to redefine the visual identity of this profoundly iconic brand.

The result is a rebrand that aimed not only at a mere cosmetic makeover but also at delving into the conceptual realm, striving to articulate an abstract visual representation that would encapsulate the intricate essence of DeepMind's visionary pursuit of artificial general intelligence (AGI).

The collaborative mission was multifaceted, encompassing the cultivation of a design language that exudes contemporaneity, friendliness, and approachability, while creating design elements that intricately mirror diverse facets of the overarching concept of artificial general intelligence.

As we embarked on this creative journey, the challenge lay not only in the aesthetic metamorphosis of the brand but, more significantly, in distilling the complex intricacies of AGI into a visually coherent and compelling narrative. On one hand, we were tasked with creating a design language that felt contemporary, friendly, and inviting, radiating the trust and openness that DeepMind embodies.
On the other hand, we were challenged to conceptualise and materialise visual elements that metaphorically depict the intricate workings of artificial general intelligence. This required a deep understanding of AGI's core concepts and the ability to translate them into tangible, aesthetically pleasing forms.

DeepMind's aspiration for AGI, representing a form of intelligence that transcends specific tasks and domains, required us to conceptualise the following design language that resonated with this profound vision.


Beyond the surface aesthetics, we set out to design visual elements that serve as metaphors for the various aspects of AGI—whether it be the interconnected neural networks, the control mechanisms of the agents, or the overarching safety net. 

The result of this design development process is DeepMind’s own unique 3D design system that utilises three key components to create an image branding that not only is recognizable and versatile in its appearance, but also illustrates the hugely complex concepts of artificial general intelligence.

It’s an abstract interpretation of the relations between AI models and agents, thereby representing DeepMind’s vision and visually articulating the very essence of AGI. The outcome is a design language that not only resonates with the contemporary ethos but also serves as a visual testament to the boundless potential of AI.

【design elements】

In our endeavour to encapsulate the intricately complex workings of AGI, we've crafted a visual narrative using a variety of shape languages, each representing a different aspect of this complex topic.

All of these elements, when interwoven, form a dynamic visual language that reflects the boundless potential of artificial general intelligence.
Simplified pristine solid objects represent the various different Machine Learning models that we have access to today. These shapes are either held in place by the larger hero shape or are floating in space offering the opportunity to put them to use. Similar to the Machine Learning models, these objects are resolute in their purpose and appearance, while offering an open expanse for utilisation.

Different to these solid shapes are the larger hero objects that form the focal point of each composition - they are the visual representation of the Agents and therefore their shape language is flexible in appearance, size and arrangement.

To create this dynamic spatial expression, we created a visual system that follows clear rules and a coherent logic, while offering a wide range of variability.


The appearance of these hero objects undergoes fluid transformation, contingent upon the specific Machine Learning models to which they are connected, thereby illustrating the dynamic interplay of the agents and models.

They are orchestrating the arrangement of all visual components, either providing support to the model shapes by holding them in place or allowing them to float freely in space, symbolising the potential applications at our disposal.

As DeepMind continues to push the boundaries of AI research, this newly redefined visual identity will serve as a distinctive emblem of their commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the responsible development of artificial intelligence for the betterment of humankind.

【visual development】
As with all of our design projects, an elaborate and wide visual development process is our fundamental tool for achieving innovative visual languages that are able to communciate the brief that we were commissioned to execute.

This process ensures that we create something new and fresh – something that is able to consistently and cohesively communicate the brand’s intended message, while being unique in appearance. We believe this is a crucial aspect of establishing a strong visual identity for a company or product and ensures that the brand has a unified look and feel that is easy for consumers to recognize.

While this process usually happens behind closed doors and is not visible to the public, each step of this process is present in the final outcome. And in this project it is especially apparent, since the development material that we created together with our client clearly shows the steps towards the final design system. 

Therefore we are keen to share a selection of images, concepts and sketches that were created in the process of defining the design system for DeepMind below. 

Design & Direction
someform Studio
Creative Team
Matthias Winckelmann, Helge Kiehl, Yannik Wenk, Dominic Grejc, Chris Hoffmann, Vitaly Grossmann, Conrad Ostwald

Chris Hoffmann

Client - Google DeepMind
Ross West, Gaby Pearl, Holly Dobson, Dominic Barlow  

Branding Agency - MultiAdaptor

Chris Copping, Ben Brookbanks, Nancy Case, Joe Warburton, Chris Ireland 

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someform Studio GmbH
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