【sf-218】 microsoft, socials, 2018
To introduce new features within the Microsoft Office ecosystem, Nando Costa, former Partner Director of Design at Microsoft, reached out to us at someform Studio, with a proposal to create multiple films and images that showcase the new functionalities in an inspiring and creative format.
We dived deep into an extensive design development phase that resulted in 6 individual films, combined to two edits with another smashing soundtrack by the beautiful folks at Zelig Sound.

【introducing social collaboration, microsoft office online】

This film highlights the collaboration feature within office and how it helps you to stay connected with others no matter where you are. This new feature enables multiple users to work on one document at the same time cross platform.

Our conceptual approach aimed to find a unified design language within which we can present the functionality of the UI. The UI interaction is reflected in the designs outside of its box, thereby staying true to the beautiful design of the interface but highlighting its capabilities by adding additional design elements throughout.

【introducing new editor features, microsoft office online】

The second round of films we created introduces new features of the editor within several applications. Again, we partnered with Nando Costa, Partner Director of Design at Office, this time to tell the story of Microsoft Editor, an AI-powered service that enables you to write with confidence in 20+ languages. 

Our goal was to create a fun interpretation of the AI that drives this feature, how it is doing its magic, correcting spelling, grammar and giving you intelligent suggestions on how to improve your writing. The blue marble that consistently runs through all films was our take on an approachable, friendly representation of what the AI algorithms do in the background once we start writing.

The campaign initially consisted of three social media clips that we then connected within one longer edit.

Design & Direction
someform Studio

Creative Team
Helge Kiehl, Matthias Winckelmann, Dominik Grejc, Julius Steinhauser

Conrad Ostwald

Zelig Sound


Client Creative Director
Nando Costa

someform Studio GmbH
eisenbahnstrasse 5

someform Studio GmbH
eisenbahnstrasse 5