【sf-221】 karst, branding visuals, 2021
Why does paper need to be made out of trees? Why can’t journals be waterproof? Why are people still using paper-making practices that were cutting-edge in the 18th century? What we do today matters. Intention and action shape the future. Taking time and taking care is critical to creating the world we want to see. Because what matters today is what shapes tomorrow.
Having these questions and objectives in mind, our client “Karst” set out to create a notebook from responsibly sourced materials that brings fresh innovation to one of the most important technologies of humankind.
Helping them to visualize their mission, we created a wide range of images and animations that each highlight different aspect of this unique product.

With 6 short animations, each inspired by a different aspect of the paper, we helped our client to tell the story of an amazingly innovative product. Our overall concept evolved around maintaing the beauty of simplicity in all narratives, while creating exciting juxtapositions between the natural material and the perfection of the manufactured product. 

The incredibly detailled individual soundtracks, created by the wonderful people at Antfood, truly brought these animations to life. 

Attachment Theory ︎︎︎

The innovation is not only in the paper, but in the product as a whole. From the high level of craftsmanship to thoughtful details, such as a magnetic attachment for the Karst pen, we wanted to make sure to express the high quality of the product in all of our animations.

Paper From Stone ︎︎︎

“Karst Stone Paper” is created from stone, not trees. The simplicity of this idea is the true genius of the product. Therefore we reflected this concept in a literal visual translation, pairing the crude haptic of stone with the fragile elegance of thin paper. 

Perfect Bound ︎︎︎

Besides the technological innovation, Karst also puts special emphasis on craftsmanship. Therefore the binding of the notebooks is extra tight, perfectly bound to reflect the strength of the material it is made of.
Impervious To Liquid ︎︎︎

One of the most innovative features of the product is its water-repellent characteristic. It repels drops of water with ease, but welcomes ink delivered through a pen.
Impossibly Smooth ︎︎︎

While we usually associate stone with roughness and rigidity, “Karst Stone Paper” is exactly the opposite, presenting an impossibly smooth surface for a pen to glide upon. 
Infinitely Strong ︎︎︎

To express the strength of the material, we created another animation that puts the solidity of stone in a juxtaposition to the elegance of the paper. 

【development】 design & look development



Design & Direction
someform Studio, Helge Kiehl


Karst Stone Paper

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