【sf-0424】 Polaroid Go, product renderings, animation, 2024
Collaborating closely with Polaroid, we produced a series of captivating product films and imagery to introduce the reimagined PolaroidGo camera. With a focus on striking typography and seamless integration of premium 3D elements,
we meticulously crafted a visual narrative  that transcends language barriers, serving as the cornerstone of Polaroid's new marketing campaign.

We ensured the delivery of final product stills in a sleek, high-end product photography style tailored for e-commerce and social media and additionally out to explore the shape language and key features of the camera in a more engaging and beauty-orientied approach.

While respecting the rich history of the brand, we developed new ways of visual expression together with the amazing creative team at Polaroid. The showcased images represent a blend of polished final assets and exploratory material crafted during our creative process.

In addition to the main product film and product imagery, we created a diverse array of versions for the product film. Our goal was to ensure Polaroid could effectively engage with their entire target audience across various platforms and regions.

To achieve this, we meticulously crafted 30-second, 15-second, and 6-second iterations, each tailored to 1:1, 9:16, and 16:9 formats, and localised them into five different languages. This comprehensive approach guarantees maximum reach and resonance for Polaroid's marketing campaign across diverse global audiences.

【15 seconds version】

【6 seconds version】

【design development】

Design & Direction
someform Studio
Creative Team
Yannik Wenk
Dominik Grejc
Helge Kiehl
Matthias Winckelmann
Christoffer Wolters


Patricia Varella
Mica Moran
Julie Cousty
Aurelien Berthomier
Fraser Nelson

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someform Studio GmbH
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