【sf-0323】 Beats by Dre, product photography, 2023
Working with B-Reel NYC we had the pleasure to create the majority of the product pack shots of the new Beats Studio Buds+ and Beats Studio Pro, as well as a demo video that goes through each unique feature of the headphone.
From refining the model and meticulously analysing the specifics of the materials used, to building complex particle systems visualising the products feature set, we set out to produce the backbone of the campaign of an iconic product.

Defining the look of product photography is a hugely important part of how a brand presents itself. Our focus is always on design first, finding the right approach to each new product, before producing the final assets.

While the asset-to-be-delivered at the end of production was clean product photography for Beats own online shop, the stills shown here are a combination of final assets and look development material that we've created along the way.

【animation production】
Additionally to the still imagery, we created a toolkit of various different animations that were used in combination with liveaction to illustrate the new features of the product. Not only was our intention to find illustrative ways to
demonstrate the feature set using particle simulations, but also ensure that the animations flow within the rhythm of the live-action assembly.

【Beats Studio Pro】

【Beats Studio Buds+】

Design & Direction
someform Studio
Creative Team
Helge Kiehl
Matthias Winckelmann
Yannik Wenk
Julius Steinhauser
Remo Gambacciani
Linus Zoll

Creative Producer

Conrad Ostwald


ECD: Joakim Saul
Director of Production: Danielle Russo
Creative Directors: Brianna Saba, Gustav Stockman
Producer (Agency): Jessica Abood
Brand Manager: Natalie Kiliç
Client Creatives: Ailrick Young, Alex Bowring

someform Studio GmbH
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someform Studio GmbH
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